back to work

I know that many of us are returning to the classroom tomorrow. And, like many other professionals going back to work after a long break, we feel anxious, panicky even. I think, for me, this is because I have fear of forgetting. Here’s a list of things I think I might have forgotten:

  1. I might have forgotten how to teach (yes, because two weeks of RnR erases seven years of graft. That makes perfect sense, Gemma.)
  2. I might have forgotten my teacher-self: the one who doesn’t swear or greet people with the ease and informality of a bartender.
  3. I might have forgotten to plan something.
  4. I might have forgotten a meeting.
  5. I  might have forgotten passwords for things. (Likely, be reet though: I’ll soon remember them)
  6. I might not have set my alarm ( but waking up at 3 hour intervals all night will in no doubt make the alarm pretty redundant anyway.)
  7. I might have forgotten what it feels like to wake up at the crack of dawn and not have a midday nap ( this is valid, it will hurt. I’ll ride the wave…)
  8. I haven’t done everything on my pre-holiday list: it might have serious repercussions! Note to self: I never make my way through my list. Show me a teacher that has EVER made their way through THE list…I dare you.

There are many ‘mights’ in the above. Lots of doubt. However, here are some things that I am sure of. Here’s another list that packs a little more certainty:

  1. I will not teach as rigorously tomorrow as I did in the last two weeks of term.
  2. I will not be as timely in my prep.
  3. I will not feel as on-top of things as I did before the break.
  4. I will not feel like this for long.

After just one day I’ll be back in the thick of exam season prep and this two week break will feel like another life. So, for now, I will savour the great fun I’ve had this Easter and try not to let the work nerves get the better of me.

Tomorrow, I’ll smile at students who seem miraculously taller and older after a mere two weeks and catch up with colleagues who look rested and ready to take on the challenge of another term.

Don’t beat yourself up for having a rest.

Think: it’s just one day.

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