I’m dying from exam marking fatigue. There are a few things that are getting me through this. A few things that mean I will wake up an hour earlier than usual and mark before school, then after school until I relent, go to bed and dream about Ao4 on Q3 of the A-Level Paper 2 exam.

Nutella: I’ve taken to eating straight from the jar this year. A new low.


Google imaging where I’ll be spending the summer: with friends, in Europe, trying and failing to surf, drinking Sangria and probably getting prickly heat.


Love Island: thank you Dani and Jack for helping me through this very difficult period of time. Your blossoming romance, cockney accents and Dani, your commitment to late night toasties has inspired me and given me a much  needed incentive: I must complete my quota by 9pm. I’ll raise a glass to you both in Paris.



That’s it. That’s what I’m surviving on. I’m nearly there.

To all those exam marking, stay strong, try not to develop diabetes and for the love of God spend the money you earn on something you want, not something you need.


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